Welcome to VRMan3D.com

Yes I know, it looks like there's not a whole lot here right now, more coming soon! =)  

PLEASE NOTE:  You will need the Unity 3D plug-in to view all the content on this site (all the good stuff).  If you don't have it, and you click the links below it should automatically bring you to the site for the quick download, otherwise follow this link http://unity3d.com/unity-web-player-2.x ....  A bunch of sites are using this great 3D engine now, like Lucas Arts for their Indiana Jones game, for example.  I will vouch for Unity that it is completely free of spyware and viruses, a trusted application.  Enjoy!

Try these for now...

VRMan's Unfinished Car Game...


VR Volcanologist (also very unfinished, sorry...  I'm working on them everyday, as well as others...)




For now, my world famous 3D Accelerated Screensavers are gonzo!  If you really still want them, then contact me.  (They aren't frame limited, and don't work very well on modern hardware anymore thanks to MS changing DirectX so much in the last few years)

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